National Bourbon Heritage Month

Bourbon—America’s native spirit. In 2007 US Senator (and former Philadelphia Phillies ace/MLB Hall of Famer) Jim Bunning of Kentucky introduced a resolution to the Senate declaring September 2007 to be National Bourbon Heritage Month. The resolution passed unanimously (holy crap, we can actually agree on things in this country?), and ever since September has been celebrated by bourbon lovers everywhere. There are numerous bourbon events throughout the month in the state of Kentucky, highlighted by the annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown.

To celebrate bourbon month, I will be posting several new bourbon reviews, starting with a review of an old favorite of mine, Elmer T. Lee. If you live near Kentucky, now would be a great time to pay the state a visit and tour your favorite bourbon distillery. Or if visiting distilleries isn’t your thing, maybe you’d be interested in the World Championship Bourbon Barrel Relay or one of the other bourbon-themed events happening this month. If you’re not near Kentucky, you can celebrate by pouring yourself a dram of your favorite brown spirit and reading my previous bourbon reviews. In either case, stay tuned to the Mule for more!


In case you’re interested, here is the full text of the resolution designating September 2007 as “National Bourbon Heritage Month”:


Designating September 2007 as National Bourbon Heritage Month.

Whereas Congress declared bourbon as America’s Native Spirit in 1964, making it the only spirit distinctive to the United States;

Whereas the history of bourbon-making is interwoven with the history of the United States, from the first settlers of Kentucky in the 1700s, who began the bourbon-making process, to the 2,000 families and farmers distilling bourbon in Kentucky by the 1800s;

Whereas bourbon has been used as a form of currency;

Whereas generations have continued the heritage and tradition of the bourbon-making process, unchanged from the process used by their ancestors centuries before;

Whereas individual recipes for bourbon call for natural ingredients, utilizing the local Kentucky farming community and leading to continued economic development for the Commonwealth of Kentucky;

Whereas generations of people in the United States have traveled to Kentucky to experience the family heritage, tradition, and deep-rooted legacy that the Commonwealth contributes to the United States;

Whereas each year during September visitors from over 13 countries attend a Kentucky-inspired commemoration to celebrate the history of the Commonwealth, the distilleries, and bourbon;

Whereas people who enjoy bourbon should do so responsibly and in moderation; and

Whereas members of the beverage alcohol industry should continue efforts to promote responsible consumption and to eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking: Now, therefore, be it

That the Senate—

(1) designates September 2007 as National Bourbon Heritage Month;

(2) recognizes bourbon as America’s Native Spirit and reinforces its heritage and tradition and its place in the history of the United States; and

(3) recognizes the contributions of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to the culture of the United States.

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