What I’m Drinking This Week – February 5, 2017

A short summary of some of the drinks I’ve been enjoying this week. 

This week I opened up a bottle of Macallan Edition No. 2, a limited edition version of Macallan that was aged in a combination of European and American oak, mostly (if not exclusively) coming from ex-Sherry casks. It’s quite good. I have previously had Edition No. 1, and I would say that this second version is a bit better than the first. I’ll be posting a review sometime soon.

In addition to the Macallan, I’ve been enjoying bottles of Balvenie 12 Year Single Barrel, Bunnahabhain 12, and Glendronach 12.

Cigar City has finally come to Nashville, and I’ve been enjoying their “Tampa-style” lager. It’s nice and light, easy-drinking, and yet still flavorful. It’s simply a good old-fashioned beer, an idea that much of the craft beer scene has seemingly forgotten.

I also went through bottles of Black Abbey’s Solera Rose (Batch B45-RD-BT—not the best bottle of Solera Rose I’ve had), Flat Earth Theory from Urban Family (very nice), and Mantra’s Tacenda, a grape sour (not bad, but would be so much better if it were barrel-aged). As I write this, I’m enjoying a bottle of Old Rasputin from North Coast. It’s wonderful.


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